Sunday, 6 January 2013

6 Cosplays to do Before I DIE

Okay, so I'm still working on Riven as a mixture of procrastination, laziness and school work got in the way of doing it (in order or significance). But during this period, i have preparing myself for other cosplays which i want to do in my lifetime before i die, i know it's a little morbid but i have to put it this way or i'd never do it. Each of these characters have a certain importance to me which i why i plan on doing them. 

 WORLD OF WARCRAFT, is the most important game of my existence so far, I love it to bits, just everything about it screams "AMAZING" just the one reason stopping me from going back to it is simply time. If i started playing, i would have to play at LEAST 3 hours a day. And within a week, i would HAVE to spend at least one day playing for 8 hours or more (for the raids). Its those stupid daily quests that i just cant deny. Anyways, this is a tier 11 Blood Elf, and the last time i played WoW, THIS was the armor everyone wanted. And the only thing i was missing was the boots i think. Plus, it's a badass looking armor so why not try make it? However, it looks pretty difficult, so this is something i'd probably do in a few years or so, if my cosplaying skills are up to scratch.
Also, look at this beauty of a weapon. HOW CAN I NOT TRY TO MAKE IT?!

LADY DEATHSTRIKE. One of the many hollywood failures. Hollywood's rendition of her made me extremely sad, they didn't even make her look like one of the biggest villains, and simply made her look like an advocate instead. BUT LOOK HOW AWESOME she looks. Some of you are probably thinking "was she even in the movie?" yes... yes she was... google it and be amazed how they could leave out such an awesome outfit.

FRIEZA. Dragon Ball Z fans anyone? Hated Frieza when i was younger.. love Frieza now. I think this would be an awesome cosplay that so many people can relate to and recognize, i mean, what anime lover has not at least HEARD of Frieza?

Okay, so this is a little random if i'm honest. I mean, i can exactly show my pecs off like psycho bandit. What's worst is that i haven't even played Borderlands before. BUT I WILL, if i like the game, i'll cosplay. If i don't, i just won't cosplay it. But i just love how the character looks so much, I couldn't deny it.

KAIOSHIN. I know, ANOTHER Dragonball Z character >.< But trust me, this. looks. awesome. Like i've said with everything else, i know. I've kind of always dreamed of having white hair, but i could never pull it off, i think it would clash with my skintone, but if i'm painted purple and at a comic convention, whose going to judge me?

SILENT HILL. NURSE. I personally don't consider this much of a "cosplay" but more of a halloween costume. I still want to do it regardless, i think everyone should at least once in their lifetime. 

Anyways, i hope you enjoyed this post, leave a comment telling me your cosplay ideas :D

P.S For  Riven, i have finished painting the weapon, and i've done some of the costume. Just need to find a place that sells leather. Pictures will be up when the lighting is good enough :D 


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