Monday, 7 January 2013

Riven the Exile Cosplay - Shoulder Armor Progress

PLEASE, someone kill me now, the shoulder piece was the most frustrating thing to do. I'm pretty impulsive when it comes to creative arts, but doing the shoulders required patience and a LOT of planning. Enjoy reading about my failure. 

First of all, i created a mapping of the shoulder piece with measurements and such, just like i did in my planning of leg armor, put it on some black scrap paper and just guestimated - FIRST MISTAKE. So instead of 1 hour planning, it took about 6 hours to plan the whole thing. Which resulted in the project being 2 weeks long. And still ongoing because of my procrastination and work load. But anyways, here's all the good stuff: 

1. Putting it all together - So what i did was using Worbla's Finest Art (Which is the best thing ever) I just stuck all my pieces together, pinching the insides ever so slightly.

Tip: When Worbla is really hot, it is REALLY easy to meld, so hopefully the odds are in your favor when doing this, because blatantly - it wasn't in mine, so i was left with this bend in the piece  but it's okay after about 4 hours of flattening.  

So , this picture is just showing you all the pieces together, and in the background you can see my notebook, and measurements and stuff, i can't stress enough how important planning is, because it can actually save a LOT of time. Unfortunately i realized this only AFTER making all the mistakes. 

Okay, i know this looks like a mess, but trust me. I knew where i was going with this.... as so i thought. The grey things is just leftover foam from a package, wrapped in duct tape to ensure that they weren't going to fall apart on me. Duct tape really does fix everything guys. I stuck it onto the piece using hot glue, and the curves in the foam i really just guessed, there are some gaps but i can just fill that in later with worbla.

So, at this point i was really sick and tired after spending AGES doing it, so here is the
almost-final-piece. I basically got high on gesso and it was finished. I keeeed. The spikes are made out of Worbla, and there are about 10 layers on gesso... in counting. I'm thinking of doing more layers, because i might use gesso to fill in the gaps instead.. which is super unprofessional, but when you're on a budget... you've got to live with it really.

This is my failure. Or, my stupidity. I put my shoulder piece near the radiator and it fell on to the radiator, and this happened. It's actually nice knowing that Gesso doesn't burn, i could possibly use this for later, so I'm going to fix this. And i will be back with an update soon. Otherwise, i hope you liked the post, bye!

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