Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Creating a Breastplate/Chest Armour using 'Worbla's Finest Art'

Hello! So this is my first attempt at using Worbla's Finest Art, i'm making a full suit of armour with it and this is some of the progress so far!

So first of all you want to create patterns, i simply wrapped myself in clingfilm and masking tape, then got someone to draw on the shape for me. Sounds easy, but there was a lot of arguing of what looks most accurate, and i couldn't draw it on myself because looking in a mirror and drawing isn't always the most accurate. 

After my patterns were cut out i used a polystyrene ball with a diameter of 15cm, and cut it in half. Then i cut out rectangles, folded them over and moulded that over the polystyrene ball. If you use this method, make sure to cover the ball in some kind of oil-based wax or petroleum jelly as Worbla sticks to anything PVC, greasiness will ensure an easy release of the ball. 

After i removed the Worbla from the polystyrene prison ball, i cut off the edges and stuck it to my chest piece. Then, i reshaped the ball to fit my boob... i mean bosom. 

So, I've come to realise that detailing with this stuff is a hugeeeee pain in the ass. Sometimes it's too hot to touch then it cools down too quickly then you have to heat it up because you don't like it anymore. I don't think my hands have ever felt this sensitive. So I've done a ridiculous amount of moisturising. 

So Claudia has these huge breastplate extensions which i think just make up for her not having any pauldrons. The photographs I post are usually taken at the end of the day. So It takes me entire days to do tiny amounts of detailing, and trust me - by the end of it I become this useless mess blob. 

So this is the latest update on the breast plate/chest armour, and there are still a few more details to do which will take me another 12000 hours. Excuse the mould stick, (thats for another blogpost ;D) CC is appreciated, Thanks for reading :) 

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