Sunday, 11 August 2013

Claudia Demona Cosplay Progress: Paper Templates

The title is a mouthful, i know. But! I am soon to be coming of age to enter the Euro Cosplay Competition which is pretty awesome, and thought i'd make a full on armor costume for this contest. I'm going to enter as the lovely Dame Claudia Demona.

So to approach this i first made paper templates, not the most accurate things, it just gives me some reassurance that what i'm doing it right and that it will go well... to an extent.
Anyways, here they are and if you have any questions you can email me on ^_^

These templates are for the arms, as you can see they're not perfect and this is because paper is quite different to Worbla, but this gives me the basic measurements i need in order to make an accurate recreation.

This dude here is the knee guard. It's pretty crazy, but it's awesome. The sizing looks weird here but i guess i have weird legs and can't be unnaturally sized like Claudia, i'm only human don't hurt me.

I originally planned to make a mold for the knee guard, and stretch the Worbla over it, but then realised this would be more difficult than building on top of the Worbla, as i still have to find a way to attach it to my leg. Anyhow, this was a maquette i made just to understand the dimensions of the face, this is made with Model Magic, which is a very soft dough which air drys. It's good for moulding but it's not like clay where you can keep applying small pellets to build it up.

I created a paper template for my breastplate as i wanted to know exactly how it would fit, and my gosh, I am so proud of it. The only obstacle now is to ensure that i make it perfectly in Worbla, and everything will be ay-okay. 

Shoe shtufffff.

When i finish with the paper template, i create a craft-foam-carbon-copy which is used in the Worbla process.

So that is it for the paper templates, pretty boring but in my opinion, it is the hardest part to do, but it's the time to make your errors and perfect everything. I'm off to play league of legends now as i'm on my way to that ranked climb... eventually. Send me an email if you have any questions at 

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