Saturday, 10 August 2013

Harley Quinn Cosplay!

Hello! I was at MCM Comic Con in May, and this is a suuuuuuper late post, but I thought i should share a picture of a cosplay i did :) I didn't make it, just ordered the costume off Ebay as a back-up cosplay if you shall. It was pretty awesome, got lovely greetings from people and some dude stating "if only you weren't married to the joker" which was hilarious. But, the joker doesn't have to know, right?

Next time, i plan to do some tweaks to the costume and make my own hammer, the one you see me holding - some dude just threw it at me and asked me to pose, it was pretty cool. Anyways, have a nice day and i'm sorry there aren't more pictures! I learnt to not use white face paint ever again, as it seriously messed up my skin, therefore ruining many photos. I might try a different brand or ensure that i sanitize EVERYTHING before applying it. I threw it in the bin now it was a disgrace :(

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